Flashcutter Easy Release DC107

Wart Removal and Circumcision

What is it?

 Flashcutter is a way to circumcis

ion and remove a wart using heat from electricity. The electricity is used to heat the needle which is put on the wart. The electricity is not sent into your body. Flashcutter can also be used to circumcision and remove other growths on your skin.

Tell your caregiver if you have a pacemaker for your heart before having Flashcutter. Usually the wart or growth will go away after one Flashcutter treatment. Flashcutter usually leaves behind a wound which may take 3 to 5 day to heal. The time it takes the wound to heal depends on the size of the wart. Bigger warts take longer to heal. But the wart may need to be treated more than once

Flashcutter Easy Release DC107 for circumcision or genital warts

Flashcutter removes genital warts on the penis, vulva, or around the anus by burning them with a low-voltage electrified probe.

Flashcutter is usually done in a health professional’s office or clinic. The injection of a numbing medicine (local anesthetic) is usually used for pain control. Medicine that causes unconsciousness (general anesthetic) may be used depending on the number of warts to be removed or destroyed.

What To Expect After Surgery

The recovery time depends on the location and number of warts removed.

–       Healing usually occurs within 3 to 5 day.

–       Healing time may be prolonged if a large area of tissue is injured.

–       Scarring may occur.

Why It Is Done

Flashcutter removes warts with little blood loss. It usually is used for small areas of warts.

How Well It Works

In one study, Flashcutter was more than 90% effective in removing warts. Warts are less likely to return after Flashcutter than after medicine treatment. Warts recurred in about 22% of people.1

The removal of genital warts may not cure a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. The virus may remain in the body in an inactive state after warts are removed.


Risks of Flashcutter are:

–       Bleeding.

Blood loss is usually minimal because the Flashcutter seals blood vessels as it removes warts.

–       nfection.

Antibiotics may be given at the time of the procedure to reduce the risk of infection.

–       Pain.

Medicine may be needed for several days after the Flashcutter procedure.

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